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Monday, June 21, 2010


If you missed the opening reception, there's still time to see this exceptional show of young, emerging artists! The exhibition will be up through July 16, 2010 at the Starbucks in Huntington Park (3060 E Slauson Ave. in the Home Depot shopping center).

The photographs on view at Starbucks are the artwork of high school students who participated in a Living Histories after-school photography class. These young talents are students from the Green Dot charter high schools, Animo Justice and Animo Ralph Bunche. These are young, emerging artists within the community. Thank you, Starbucks, for recognizing and promoting inspired youth!

Below are installation shots of the work on display at Starbucks. To view each individual photograph and read the descriptions of each artist's work, please go to the post titled, "The Artist, the Curator/Gallerist, and the Art Critic."

The title of this group exhibition is Transference. Transference is defined simply as the action of transferring something or the process of being transferred. It is also a term used in psychoanalysis, which can be defined in different ways in relation to the redirection of feelings from one person to another. Carl Jung discusses transference as an experience of opposites. The ability to endure this tension of opposites without abandoning the process allows one to grow and to transform. The subject of much of the work in this exhibition focuses on identity and community. The tension and opposites between the formation of one’s personal identity in relation to one’s community is often felt most acutely in young people. Yet the awareness and the exploration of this seeming tension of opposites eventually allows for growth and transformation within oneself, which then translates into how one interacts with the world and a feeling of deep connection with one’s community begins to flourish. These young artists are using photography as a creative means of communication: transferring their thoughts and feeling onto the viewer through the vehicle of art.

Living Histories is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational enrichment programs based in visual and language arts that promote critical thinking and awareness to help young people find their voices as a force for change and service in their communities. For more information about Living Histories, please visit our website: living-histories.us

Living Histories is partnered with Champions. Champions’ commitment is to provide innovative programming in outdoor education, adventure retreats, after school enrichment, and physical education to increase self-confidence, communication skills, teamwork, and community. For more information about Champions, please visit their website: championsusa.com

invitation to the show

Cristian Sierra


David Palacios

Esmeralda Gonzalez

Andrea Lira

Christopher Aldana

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