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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Opening Reception

The opening reception for the Transference group exhibition, featuring artists from Animo Justice and Animo Bunche high schools, was an absolute success! It was a lovely evening of artists, family, friends and colleagues supporting the arts. Thank you Stephanie Torres and Starbucks for hosting this beautiful exhibition of photographic work! Below are highlights of the evening.

Nico in front of her beautiful abstractions

David next to his stylistic compositions

Christopher and his conceptual photographs

Leon, Champions Program Director at Animo Justice, studying Christopher's work

Angelo, Champions Vice President, and his wife looking at Christopher's photographs

Antonio from Champions with his wife admiring Cristian's and Nico's work

David's mom surveying Esmeralda's photographs

Kelly reading about Christopher's work

Noelle reading about Esmeralda's work

David and Nico contemplating David's photographs

Christopher enjoying a Starbucks Frappuccino in front of David's work

Two Living Histories teachers, Steven (left) and Janet (right) talking with the students

The crowd at the opening reception: Janet from Living Histories and Angelo from Champions in the foreground

A lovely gathering of friends supporting emerging artists

A wonderful turnout and an incredible evening!

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