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Monday, June 7, 2010

My World

Journal Topic
  • If you could create your own world, what would it look like? Be specific. Be creative.
  • What is your role in this new world?
Today's journal topic is intended to stimulate young people to begin thinking about what they value and believe in. By inviting them to create a world of their own making, it gives insight into one's personal values and beliefs (as well as fears and hopes), which then form the basis of how one perceives oneself, other people, one's community, the world, and influences the way one interact with and maneuver throughout life. This level of awareness is integral to begin actually recreating the real world from the inside out.

This exercise is also a valuable tool for creating new work. When reading the descriptions of each students' proposed worlds below, I get excited imagining how each student can translate these ideas into physical works of art (in this case, photographs). For example, Daisy's world contains various levels of contradictions: some seemingly contradictory on the surface, such as "Everyone is equal" and "No one is the same," and then some blatant contradictions, such as "Everyone is equal" and "Everyone is not equal." I would be interested in how she can further explore these contradictions and what she can create from it. All these students have very specific desires and world views. Journaling and exploring into one's desires can help produce succulent meat to feed future projects. I can't wait to see what they create!

(transcription of above photo)
If you could create your own world,
My World
- would be a world where people have wings
- where there's no violence
- my world wouldn't be too colorful
- all people are free
- no fashion trends or ppl telling u what u have to look like or be
- where people are tattooed and pierced & have freedom of expression
- no judgement
- it would be a world where people didn't eat animals
- no religion

(transcription of above photo)
If you could create your own world, what would you create? What would it look like?
- Similar to Alice in Wonder Land
- Colorful
- No leader
- Never a dull moment
- Nature
- Confusing
- You know your purpose
- No money or currency
- Everyone has all of their needs
- No poverty or richness
- Memory lost
- Many plants
- Communist (but not called communist)
- Everyone is equal
- No one is the same
- Random
- No families
- Dream like
- Families (if you want to)
- Everyone is not equal
- Love
- humans are 2 feet
- Destiny
- No good or evil
- Equilibrium
- humans think different
- No technology (but you can still have them)
- No hell or heaven
- Not a utopia
- No war but civil war
- Day time (twilight)
- Normal
- No eating
- Not everything has a purpose
- I don't like work but I think there would have to be some
- Everyone is united (no countries)
- My role (I don't have one) but I would just be a commoner
- Everything is twice as big

(transcription of above photo)
- If you could create your own world, what would it look like?
- Be specific
- Be creative
My world would be different. It would be ruled by monarchy, power, and death. There would be vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches and wizards, sorcery, sirens, and so much more. There would only be night time, never daylight. Stars would shine in the black sky along with the moon. It would look modern, but more high tech. There would be lots of wild life and a lot of exotic and modern creatures living there. Everyone can express their own religion. Those who've done terrible things will suffer execution--beheading and so much more. There would be electronics, like laptops, computers, Macs, MP3 players, iPods, and cars. There would be music--only classic, rock, metal, alternative, and death metal music. There would be lots of flowers.

- What is your role in this new world?
A Princess of Darkness

(transcription of above photo)
My own world
- Natural yet futuristic
- Antro --> like this [drawing] Animal + human
- respect but not perfect
- Every extinct animal is still alive
- every kind of environment
- Animals talking [drawing]

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