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Friday, December 17, 2010

Opening Reception of "Perspectives"

Below are photos from tonight's opening reception of the Perspectives art show at Starbucks in Huntington Park. It features photographic work from high school students at three different Green Dot charter schools: Animo Ralph Bunche, Animo Pat Brown, and Animo South LA. The show will be up through most of January. So if you haven't seen it yet, stop by!

Thank you again, Stephanie, for hosting another Living Histories student art show at your Starbucks!

Andy (left) and Chris (right) from Animo Bunche standing next to their photos

Nico from Animo Bunche next to her photos

Yesi from Animo Bunche underneath her photos

Shardae from Animo South LA underneath her photographs with text

Iris (left) and Jose (right) from Animo Bunche pointing and looking at their photos

David from Animo Bunche next to his photographs

Animo Pat Brown display

Detail of Animo Pat Brown display

Detail of Animo Pat Brown display

Chris with family members

Shardae with friends

Nico with her sister

staged Bunche group photo

Chris showing his work to some of his family members

Chris' relative looking at Jason's, Yesi's, Nico's, and Shardae's photos

Bunche students with Pat Brown instructor, Steven (right)

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