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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lady Gaga

A few weeks ago, we watched a segment of 60 Minutes that featured Lady Gaga. She talked about how she focused on becoming famous and she sees fame as an art form. This is why she thinks of herself as a performance artist. She likes being creative and puts a lot into her performances on stage for her fans.
When talking about her life, she mentioned being bullied in school and feeling like an outsider which lead her to feel insecure about herself. She said she was able to let go of most of her insecurities when she changed her name to Lady Gaga. She also stated that she wants her fans to know they have the freedom to become what they want to be and they can all be superstars.
Music and performing is Lady Gaga's creative outlet and she used it to become famous. This video shows the students they can do whatever they want with their photos and artwork. Everyone has the potential to do great things and they should not be afraid to take risks.

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