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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ASLA Got Talent!

Champions hosted a talent show today showcasing the various creative flairs of students from Animo South LA. There were live performances of singing, dancing, rapping, skateboarding, guitar solos and more! Living Histories also showcased the visual, fine art work of Photography Club members, Shardae, Breann, Kinnedy, Jayla, Darrian, Michael, Kamry, Sherika, and Angelic. Below are images of the event and the photos exhibited.

Our photo display is to the right of the stage. Can you see it?

The audience at the talent show. Great turn out!

Installation shot of the photo display. Thank you Shardae and Sierra for framing each photograph, deciding on a wall composition, and then hanging all the photos! It looks great!!

Detail shot of the left side of the display.

Detail of the right side.

Below are the individual photographs that were exhibited. They are grouped together by photographer.









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